Putting the Chakras to bed: The Crown Chakra.

Hola world,

Time for our last dose of CHAKRA WORKSHOP-NESS! I know this is typically a segment written by Allie but since she is out of town for work, I had to go it alone, not quite alone actually, but you know how I mean. I am sad to report back to all of you about:

The Crown Chakra: Sahasrara. The last chakra is the crown chakra, often depicted as existing above our heads. This chakra helps us feel unified and at one with the universe, understanding and feeling connected with all the other elements. Sahasrara in Sanskrit means “one thousand petal lotus”. I like the imagery of this, of an inner being that keeps opening as you find new parts of it. Being humble and grateful seems to be a very important part of having a balanced crown chakra, which is very appropriator for our last workshop. It was bittersweet to revisit the other chakras and see what we have been working on, and to say goodbye to the people and ideas we have been working with.

Crown Chakra

Some of the ways to work on your crown chakra include meditation, which I have NEVER been very good at, prayer, and like all the rest, affirmations. The affirmations include lines about being more open and receptive to the experiences and all of life around you. We can all be a little stubborn and unforgiving and this, as well as all the chakras, have forced me (a very stubborn Aquarian woman) to be more open. Thank you, Veronica. While I may not be the best at any of these activities, the act of trying something new is work enough for me. Which makes it VERY appropriate that the key practice for  our crown chakra is SURRENDER. Surrendering to the universe and acknowledging that not everything in this world is within out grasp; seeking guidance and awareness from the universe as it is presented to us. Ooooh boy. Good luck to me. But we have to learn to let go. Ok…. so

Recapping the chakras:

Your body is an extremely complex system with lots of different energy channels and centers. With everything we do, encounter and feel we alter the balance of these and they can have both positive and negative effects on our lives and the ways we interact with elements of our environments. I may not be the most eloquent or articulate in terms of expressing the importance of balancing your chakras, but I can tell you that after 8 months of workshops and actively trying to feel different and balanced, I did notice my energy changing. When working on a particular chakra, it is awakened and the properties of that one become more active and prevalent again. While it may not sound significant to those who have not tried such activities, I urge you to at least look into it and read up! Better yet, find the wonderful, talented Veronica Vidal! She has changed my outlook…yes ME, the constant cynic and brought me a new kind of positive energy I didn’t think I could find. I confess to typically being a glass half empty kinda person. None of these courses made me feel like there was something wrong with me, but made me realize I was leaving something to be desired in my outlook on life. Whether encouraging ahimsa (literally: avoidance of violence), or doing uddiyana bandha (*wacky looking body lock that feels amazing when you learn to do it properly READ ABOUT IT HERE!)

VeroYoga & Dharma Yoga Chakra Workshop Class

I encourage all of you to be more proactive in the ways we care for ourselves, and to remember that we are more than our physical appearance and astral bodies. We have to care for our spiritual and mental selves as well. Yoga and meditation will provide you with a sense of health and well being that you never expected. I know many of you may be as skeptical as I was, but that is exactly why I encourage you! So, not for the last time, I would like to infinitely thank Dharma Yoga and the beautiful Veronica Vidal for the wisdom you have imparted upon me.

For my parting words this evening I would like to share with you a wonderful documentary short ,made by a friend of mine about the Biscayne Bay project in Miami. It was very eye opening about a topic, I confess,I didn’t even know half of this was happening. We all have the capacity to share and educate others, as long as we have the initiative and the passion to do it. Thanks Nick Ducassi for sharing this with us!

Learn more about the project here as well:

Good night, Internet. I love you.




One Response to “Putting the Chakras to bed: The Crown Chakra.”

  1. Allie Kenyon Says:

    I can not express how saddened I was to not be able to attend the last of the chakra workshops and be in that great photo. Thank you Becca for completing the cycle of chakra workshops in my stead.

    I liken the chakra workshops to The Observer Effect. Simply the act of observing your physical, mental and spiritual self as we were guided through these workshops that we are able to affect ourselves and specifically our outlook, attitude, and general disposition (which I confess are things that I went into the workshops looking for).

    Just making ourselves aware of ourselves on a different plane was energizing, and throughout the workshops any friends or family that I could convince to come to a workshop felt the same intrinsic motivation.

    As a whole, the experience was awesome. Gigantic panda bear hugs to Veronica Vidal for taking us on this journey. Looking forward to the next adventure!


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