Putting the Chakras to bed: The Crown Chakra.

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Hola world,

Time for our last dose of CHAKRA WORKSHOP-NESS! I know this is typically a segment written by Allie but since she is out of town for work, I had to go it alone, not quite alone actually, but you know how I mean. I am sad to report back to all of you about:

The Crown Chakra: Sahasrara. The last chakra is the crown chakra, often depicted as existing above our heads. This chakra helps us feel unified and at one with the universe, understanding and feeling connected with all the other elements. Sahasrara in Sanskrit means “one thousand petal lotus”. I like the imagery of this, of an inner being that keeps opening as you find new parts of it. Being humble and grateful seems to be a very important part of having a balanced crown chakra, which is very appropriator for our last workshop. It was bittersweet to revisit the other chakras and see what we have been working on, and to say goodbye to the people and ideas we have been working with.

Crown Chakra

Some of the ways to work on your crown chakra include meditation, which I have NEVER been very good at, prayer, and like all the rest, affirmations. The affirmations include lines about being more open and receptive to the experiences and all of life around you. We can all be a little stubborn and unforgiving and this, as well as all the chakras, have forced me (a very stubborn Aquarian woman) to be more open. Thank you, Veronica. While I may not be the best at any of these activities, the act of trying something new is work enough for me. Which makes it VERY appropriate that the key practice for  our crown chakra is SURRENDER. Surrendering to the universe and acknowledging that not everything in this world is within out grasp; seeking guidance and awareness from the universe as it is presented to us. Ooooh boy. Good luck to me. But we have to learn to let go. Ok…. so

Recapping the chakras:

Your body is an extremely complex system with lots of different energy channels and centers. With everything we do, encounter and feel we alter the balance of these and they can have both positive and negative effects on our lives and the ways we interact with elements of our environments. I may not be the most eloquent or articulate in terms of expressing the importance of balancing your chakras, but I can tell you that after 8 months of workshops and actively trying to feel different and balanced, I did notice my energy changing. When working on a particular chakra, it is awakened and the properties of that one become more active and prevalent again. While it may not sound significant to those who have not tried such activities, I urge you to at least look into it and read up! Better yet, find the wonderful, talented Veronica Vidal! She has changed my outlook…yes ME, the constant cynic and brought me a new kind of positive energy I didn’t think I could find. I confess to typically being a glass half empty kinda person. None of these courses made me feel like there was something wrong with me, but made me realize I was leaving something to be desired in my outlook on life. Whether encouraging ahimsa (literally: avoidance of violence), or doing uddiyana bandha (*wacky looking body lock that feels amazing when you learn to do it properly READ ABOUT IT HERE!)

VeroYoga & Dharma Yoga Chakra Workshop Class

I encourage all of you to be more proactive in the ways we care for ourselves, and to remember that we are more than our physical appearance and astral bodies. We have to care for our spiritual and mental selves as well. Yoga and meditation will provide you with a sense of health and well being that you never expected. I know many of you may be as skeptical as I was, but that is exactly why I encourage you! So, not for the last time, I would like to infinitely thank Dharma Yoga and the beautiful Veronica Vidal for the wisdom you have imparted upon me.

For my parting words this evening I would like to share with you a wonderful documentary short ,made by a friend of mine about the Biscayne Bay project in Miami. It was very eye opening about a topic, I confess,I didn’t even know half of this was happening. We all have the capacity to share and educate others, as long as we have the initiative and the passion to do it. Thanks Nick Ducassi for sharing this with us!

Learn more about the project here as well:

Good night, Internet. I love you.




Speak For The Trees!

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Dear Internet,

Hello, I’ve missed you. I hope you are all doing wonderfully! I have been a busy busy bee! And I will now proceed to update you.

Firstly, my bill paying, tv show job has started up again. It’s chaotic and interesting  (to put it lightly) as ever. Unfortunately, it takes up a large portion of my time, which is why you have been neglected, and for that I AM SORRY.

Aside from work, we recently shot some 2nd Unit Theodore is Dying stuff. We had to greatly expedite the prepping and shooting because of Allie’s sudden departure from Miami. However I am very proud to say TID kept its green integrity and was as eco-friendly as we could be.

Producer / 2nd Unit Director, Allie pondering life onset.

It was some 70s style HR Pufnstuf-esque character show. The show has 2 hosts: Pilgrim Patty, a very chipper young lady donning a (you guessed it…) pilgrim costume. And Huggy, a big, red, rat-eating monster who eats rats and lives in a hovel.

In approximately 2/3 weeks, Allie and I had to lock down a location, set pieces, actors, and crew. It was a large feat, but thanks to some very talented and amazing friends, it was achievable. Let me break things down for you:

*Costumes were pre-existing from principle photography or were rented from Dixon Costumes in Miami.

*Set pieces and backdrops were rented from Betty Bu’s Party Rental & Classic Designer Party Rentals.

*Equipment was borrowed from UCF Film Department & our friend and 2nd Unit Cinematographer, Julian Yuri Rodriguez

*On-set recycling was available

*Talent carpooled and came from the local Miami area (and Orlando….thanks, Chelsy!)

*EarthShell, starch-made plates, were once again utilized for lunchtime.

We may not have had much time to throw all of this together, but it came together quite well and we managed to leave as little of an imprint as possible, I hope. Everything was done for just under $300! By renting as much as we could, we saved the time and money of assembling it ourselves, and the waste of having to discard it after. It was extremely time and cost efficient. It allowed us instead to focus on all the little things. Like making sure we had to perfect Pilgrim Patty.

Chelsy Barwick as Pilgrim Patty

Pilgrim Patty was the host of a children’s show, until the character of Huggy came in and became the star. Huggy then proceeded to bring the show and his co-star shame and embarrassment with his drunken antics and terrifying the kids.



On a brighter and equally colorful note…who saw the Lorax?


Ahhh, The Lorax! The way that movie spoke to children, made me really proud of the potential future of filmmaking. Using a classic story, and very famous young actors like Taylor Swift and Zac Efron was a brilliant idea. While there may be some people who felt the movie was too light, I both agree and disagree. The tone was very appropriate and matched the original book and movie, which I watched very recently. I don’t believe kids would have liked it quite as much if it was more serious and scolding.

The colors, young celebrities and fun Suessical aesthetic made it accessible to people of many ages. I hope that it got the proper message across to kids, teens, parents, everyone. Some of the lines quoted directly from the book were the most resounding, as well as seeing the impact that the deforestation can have on the adorable wildlife. While not all wildlife may be as adorable as the Barbaloots (the bears), we have to realize our actions have consequences, whether we see them directly, or not.

Someone has to stand up for the Barbaloots....

Think of the future and of all reasons we should save and preserve what we have. Personally, I think of the animals and the plants I love to admire, and my beautiful niece and nephew and the families they will one day have. We cannot forget. Remember the Lorax’s message.

Be Green. Hug Trees.


Love, Becca

What’s a Third Eye Chakra?

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Dear Internet,

Well don’t you look nice today! You look like you’ve lost weight! See what I did there, I complimented you to make up for the fact that I have been preoccupied and have not blogged in a while. Which is especially a shame because I have so much cool stuff to tell you.

So I’ll make a list of the cool things to share with you.

1. Third Eye Chakra

2. Where is Allie?

3. TID News

So, about two weeks ago, it was indeed that time to visit the good people at Dharma and attend our 6th chakra workshop with Veronica Vidal! So last month our lesson was the Throat Chakra which bears heavily on our abilities to communicate both verbally and nonverbally. If the throat chakra is located in well… your throat, TID looks like this:

TID communicates like this.

This was a crazy time this past few weeks for TID, we are approaching the home stretch of editing now (oh, yes people. our movie is finally almost done. and you will be able to see it!) and we are having to really figure out what is working and what is not. The tough decisions and scenes that we were pushing are now here, and it’s awesome. We’ve been working with and talking a lot with our editor Dan to make the best Theodore is Dying and it’s actually been great. That sounds terrible and Dan and Ryan may disagree because it’s tough decisions and there’s so much hard work but we are almost there.

So this month, I will be processing my Third Eye Chakra. Possibly the most well known of the chakras, people usually associate it with ESP, visions, telepathy, clairvoyance, and all the other X-Men powers. But that’s not even the coolest thing about the Third Eye Chakra!

Not the coolest part

So normally I try not to share too much from the lessons here, but I have to share this one. The non superhero sounding qualities associated with the Third Eye Chakra are things like mental insight, understanding, seeing beyond the physical world, and mental insight. And these things and a lot more can all be related to breathing through your nose. Don’t scoff. Can’t sleep? Lay on your right side and breathe through you left nostril. Feeling lethargic? Cover your left nostril and breathe through your right. It freaking works! There’s a lot more to it, and that’s only the most vague and ambiguous of pieces of wisdom shared during this awesome lesson, I really can’t recommend these classes enough and for that reason, I shall not try to distill her lessons into something that starts out “Dear Internet”. Seriously seek out Veronica Vidal.

On a more personal note, which brings me to the next cool thing to share on my list is… to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra and help to declutter and thus clarify  (or purify my life if you will) I thoroughly cleaned out and got rid of so much unneeded clutter in my life… while I packed it up. Indeed, I went though and purged a bunch of my stuff in Miami while I packed up my things into a storage space. It was quite liberating I might add.

But I am writing to you from Los Angeles, California, dear internet. Someone’s got to pay me, and it’s no secret that I do freelance production work. I took a job working for a bit out in California for the next three months or so on a pretty awesome project. See not a terrible reason for my longer than usual absence. It’s perty here. But much colder than Miami. Look I even took a picture to prove to you I’m in California. See.

So nothing about my temporary relocation has a bearing on the progress of Theodore is Dying, except one thing. Before I left Miami, I wanted to make sure that we were able to shoot the B-roll stuff for TID before I left. So… in the limited amount of notice that we were given to relocate to LA, we produced more or less a short film featuring Huggy. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with a Huggy, he is a lovable, huggable giant red monster who in the world of TID was a former children’s television show star with his friend Pilgrim Patty. He is also played in the film by one of our protagonists, Donald who after his starturn as Huggy turned to drugs and alcohol before becoming homeless. Remember Donald?

So guess what, we shot an HR Pufnstuf/Barney/Live Action Alive in Wonderland inspired cable tv show segment with our very own Huggy. Check out this awesome photo of the set with Huggy!


Huge thanks to our super talented 2nd unit cinematographer Julian Rodriguez. Very talented guy from Miami, he’s been making a bit of a splash with his unique music videos and short films. You should check some of them out. And thanks as well to TID friend Chelsy Barwick, Carolina Barros, Stephy Piedras, and Chris Ganze for stepping in front of the camera for us. Becca is going to do a full green report about the Huggy shoot later in the week to tell you how we pulled off that shoot for less than $300.

Can’t wait to share some new screen caps later this week!

Now on an unrelated note, check out this trailer for this awesome new show.

It’s all happening.



A call to arms! BE INFORMED, GREENIES!

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“Going Green” and being eco-conscious has definitely become a part of pop culture today. As wonderful as it is to get so many people involved about the cause, and to have so many eco activists, the positive efforts can also have a negative impact. So we have to ask ourselves WHY?

Hopefully, the answer is to make a positive change, and I don’t just mean on our wallets, or because that purse made out of recycled yoga mats is soooo cute!  Seriously, I encourage everyone to be a healthier, greener person and would never want to discourage anyone, from anything green EVER. Instead, I ask that we all be more contentious, and to make educated decisions. That is the strongest statement you can make:          BE INFORMED!

Thanks to the booming green trend we have more ways to “save” energy than ever before. Priuses. Energy Star appliances. Everything organic: even makeup? Clothes made of hemp, flax, recycled plastic. There have never been more ways to wave your green flag! Do your thing!

Ok, fine.... I love the salad dress!!!

What I would like to call to attention is the backward way I see more and more people “saving”. Being green is a very viable way to save money, for instance buying in bulk, turning off the air, carpooling, or cutting back on your paper product consumption are all ways to save some scratch. Now more importantly, what are you doing with the extra money you save? Are you spending that money is a way that consumes energy? More often than not, the answer is YES!

In an article that Ryan (our courageous director/bossman) recently sent me, the effects of saving energy are discussed. CHECK OUT THE ARTICLE HERE! The author, Maggie Koerth-Baker, and I seem to agree. We save money, to spend money. To me, this is a very flawed plan and requires some reflection.  If we buy more things with this saved money, things which require energy to be made, shipped, used, etc. What are we really saving? So, we have to ask ourselves questions, and vote with our dollars.

We need to revisit the fundamentals of environmentalism:

Learn it. Love it. Live it.

Reuse is the most popular of the 3 these days with everyone on the internet, including me, telling you ways to up-cycle everything around the house from shirts to onion skins.

Recycle is the easiest. Add another bin, take outside. It’s not hard. About 75% of your trash is recyclable.

Reduce is the one we have the biggest problem with. We cut back on electricity, driving, plastic bags, but in other ways we have not cut back at all. 

FOR INSTANCE: Is it green to drive 40 minutes away to buy fresh organic milk?

Im gonna go with no on that. You may be buying that organic milk, good for you, but you are still hopping in your car, burning through gas, and letting off emissions in your effort for said natural, organic, fresh milk. While that far-away milk may be awesomely fresh and organic, there are probably several places closer to you that offer store-brand FDA-certified-organic milk to you at a competitive price. It may not be exactly the same, but we have to figure out what is important to each one of us. Neither of these things is empirically better. You just have to think it through and make the informed decision for yourself.

OR: Isn’t it green when I recycle all my plastic water bottles and tiny soda cans? Isn’t that enough?

Yes and NO, but if this is a question you are asking, you are MISSING THE POINT! This is my point though! While, yes, it is wonderfully green of everyone to recycle, we need to go beyond that. Bottled water is a luxury, and admittedly, sometimes a necessary evil. If you were trying to make an effort to be a greener person, I would recommend a water filter of some sorts. (I love my Brita!) Tap water is often tested more frequently and is held to a higher standard than expensive store bought water. It is estimated that Americans spend over $100 BILLION on bottled water a year. This makes it no surprise that plastic bottles and bags are one of the most prevalent sources of pollution, especially in our oceans.

The brain trust, discussing this heated topic

Do you understand what I am getting at, folks?

I am proud of allllll of your green activities, but I encourage you to do them in the most informed and thoughtful manner. Think twice about something you buy, not just for your BOA account, but for the environment. Is it a single use item that will live in a landfill? Do you even need it?

I would like to recommend some incredibly helpful websites to help you be the beautiful, educated, green-ie, I know you are.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch List – helps consumers make safe and healthy choices regarding seafood selection for both humans and fishes alike (Android & Apple)

Good Guide – Android & Apple app that lets you scan items to evaluate how green and healthy all kinds of products are. This is a MUST!

Earth911 – Used A LOT during the production of Theodore is Dying. This site teaches you, and even has a finder to recycle ANYTHING. EVER.

Skin Deep – Ladies, I implore you to find out what is in all those products you use. This site lets you search thousands of products, and rates them! Do you really know what a paraben is? Or sodium laureth sulfate? You probably should.

Am I missing any of the essential green knowledge sites or apps? Let me know! I will post more! But I hope this gives you a little something to do and think about!

Be informed. Be green! Hugs!


Screen Shots

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Hey Internet Population & Al Gore,

Just going through some of the revised scenes from our editor, Dan Brown. Things are looking great and wanted to share some of what I’m looking at.

Tell us what you think! Leave a comment, write on our Facebook wall – something.

Bob Walz as Theo faces a predicament...

... that he deals with very calmly.

Some unsolicited advice from Sydney (Kathleen Godwin) and John (Laurence Cantor).

Lauren Darby as the unhelpful utilities worker Sarah denies Theo's pleas.



Cleaning Up….Naturally!

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Dear Internet,

Oh hello, I didn’t see you there. I hope you’ve all been well. And started your new year out well. Did you have a new years resolution? Was it to work out? I bet it was. Well, good for you.

I didn’t make a resolution, I never do. But of course we all have a mental laundry list of ways we’d like to be different. I want to keep being as green and healthy as I can, and to share that with you gorgeous people. I want to keep up with my reading, and yoga, and keep finding crafts (thank you, Pinterest) and challenges (DAMN YOU, PHOTOSHOP) to keep me content. More on my addiction to Pinterest later…

One of my Xmas gifts was an awesome book that I recommend to anyone with a suspicion of household cleaning products called Salt, Lemons, Vinegar, and Baking Soda by Shea Zukowski. Using those 4 simple ingredients, that I’m sure you have already, this book teaches you to clean EVERYTHING in your home. We have thus far used it for so many things including: cleaning coffee maker and pot, stainless steel, silver, carpet, drain unclogger, aphid killer, and a few others.  But seriously, this thing has more ways to clean than I possibly would have thought including: ornament cleaner, flea remover, blood remover(!?), making invisible ink, veggie bath, laundry whitener…and I think you get the point!

I added the hydrogen peroxide & baby shampoo, but this team can clean ANYTHING! (*Salt not pictured)

I will preview two recipes for you:

The first is for a baking soda and lemon tub scrub. This requires 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/2 a lemon. Sprinkle the baking soda around your dirty tub, use the lemon as a scrubbing tool, squeezing gently to release the juices as you go. These two together can remove the most disgusting tub ring. (**Kenyon Tested and Approved!)

The second recipe is for cleaning your drip-filter coffee machine. This one needs 2 cups of white vinegar and 1 quart of water. You can change the amount so long as you maintain about a 1:2 ratio. Mix the water and vinegar together and pour into the water reservoir  of the machine, run this through. Run once more after with all water and your coffee maker will be much cleaner inside. (**Kenyon Tested and Approved!)

I was telling Allie that I would like to go a whole month without using any purchased cleansers and see if we can do it. I bet we can. You will be updated promptly if I so decide to accept the challenge.

So recently, as I have had some downtime lately, I have become enthralled with the website, many of you know called Pinterest! It lets you keep clicking on awesome things and leads you down a rabbit hole of creativity and bad-assness! There are RECIPES, crafts, pictures, clothes, pretty much everything. I recommend it to everyone to check out. To be honest, I’m not sure I’m exploring it correctly, but it doesn’t seem to matter! There are very amazing and excellent ways to reuse and recycle things into new things, from a pallet to a shelving unit, DIY beauty and accessories, there seems to be a never ending way to make the things we need and desire the most!

UPDATE - one of the orchids bloomed and it's beautiful!

Today is a very important day in nonsensical history because it is Oprah Winfrey’s birthday, the 199th anniversary of Pride & Prejudice being published and the anniversary of Kansas becoming our 34th state. Hooray. But more importantly it is MY birthday, which means *SPOILER ALERT* It is also Allie’s birthday. Therefore I will now go about my day of baking bread, doing yoga, stalking Pinterest and watching movies. What’s that you say???

You want to make bread too? Hooray for you. Here is a recipe for making banana bread in a bread maker!

2 very ripe mashed bananas

1/4 cup sugar

1/3 cup butter

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

2 1/2 cups bread flour

1/2 cup water

1 teaspoon yeast

Add all ingredients to your bread maker and hit the preset for “sweet” breads. Leave and let rise!

Have a lovely week everyone! Be green!


Color Correction… orama!

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Hey all! So as the edit continues (and continues), we’ve begun to do some preliminary color correction. (Side Note: Aren’t movies like totally futury?) So here’s a look at a side by side comparison of a scene we have been working with. Enjoy!

(Click on the Photos to Expand)

Pre-Color Correction

Post-Color Correction

More to follow soon!